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The Waterdrop Kingdom is a kingdom of the Mysterious Star in Fushigiboshi no Futagohime. Waterdrop.PNG

Its symbol is a blue drop.


It is responsible for the water supply of the planet. They make clouds out of seawater.


Mirlo: Princess of the Waterdrop Kingdom.

Narlo: Prince of the Waterdrop Kingdom.

Yamul: Queen of the Waterdrop Kingdom.

Pump: King of the Waterdrop Kingdom.


Comfort Springs: In the manga, there are springs known as the "Comfort Springs" located in the Waterdrop Kingdom. The water in the springs was used to cleanse the Sky Dragon.

Concept Locations

Hidden Cave: There's a hidden cave behind a giant waterfall. Inside is mystical water that Milro uses as paint for her paintings.

Peanuts Lake: Peanuts Lake is where the Gaaga Tribe reside.

Sinking Swamp: Geronita lives in Sinking Swamp. There's also Sinking Grass in this location used by the Sukusuku Tribe to make smelly Scent Orbs.

Snow Mountain: A cold place that snows year round. The Munjala Tribe resides here.

Concept Entries

Entries 1 - 3 and 7 , 8, 10 Translated by Yamato-san.

Entries 4 - 6 and 9 translated by currytantou.

Entry #1 - They Make Clouds? The Drop Kingdom

Entry #1

Within the Wonder Planet, the clouds are created by the Drop Kingdom.

I think it would be nice if it was sunny every day, but that won't do.

The rain precipitated by the Drop Kingdom is "The Rain of Blessing".

Surely, if it didn't rain, the rivers would vanish and plants wouldn't grow, then everyone would be in trouble.

(Rein Speech Bubble: "Of course, they create clouds that snow too. Isn't snow just romantic?")

Clouds are made possible with a mysterious light from the Sunny Kingdom, called "The Blessing of the Sun", and the ocean's water.

(Fine Speech Bubble: "The cute 'Beaba Clan' lives in the Drop Kingdom too.")

Entry #2 - The Drop Kingdom's Genius Siblings

Entry #2

Milro, the princess of the Drop Kingdom, is like a genius when it comes to drawing pictures. ☆ She's even drawing a lot of the attention of the Wonder Planet's most famous artists.

There seems to be a Hidden Cave behind a giant waterfall in the Drop Kingdom. ☆ By using a Mystical Water that springs forth from within, Milro can create veeeery beautiful colors for her paintings!

Nalro-chan is still 0, a baby who was just born. ☆ Even though he can still only walk by toddling, he always gets away to somewhere. The people of the castle are always getting flustered. Kinda like he's a genius at scheming!

Entry #3 - They Talk with their Tails!The Beaba Clan

Yamul-san, the queen of the Drop Kingdom, is from the Beaba clan. ☆ Members of the Beaba clan can use their tails to talk! ☆ Yamul-san taught us some of the Beaba clan's 'tail vocabulary'. ☆

Entry #3

Words of the Beaba Clan

When they say 'Okay^_^', they'll hit the ground with their tail once.

(Top Beaba Speech Bubble: "Alright")

When they say 'No X~X', they'll shake their tail left and right.

(Bottom Beaba Speech Bubble: "No")

In a Beaba clan's home, they're sure to be raising a 'Keh-rokero' Keh-rokero can tell whether it will be raining or not.

Keh-rokero Speech Bubble: Ribbit)

Entry #4 - Riri Tribe ☆ Touching Their Tails Makes Them Ring

Riri Tribe lives on top of the “PonPon Tree” in the Drop Kingdom. When you pass nearby the PonPon nut will pop and make a pon pon sound ☆

Entry #4

I get surprised since it burst at such a quick speed ☆

But it seems like there’s nothing inside the nut.

When you stroll at the PonPon Forest, you can hear the recital by the Riri Tribe ♡

When Riri Tribe moves their tails, they make ring ring sounds, like a bell ☆ What a lovely and clean tone ♡

Inside Riri Tribe’s overflowing pants and skirt are nuts from the tree that could not fit their mouths ☆ How gluttonous ♡

Riri Tribe loves fruits and nuts from the tree ♡ Among all, their most favorite is “a~acorn”!

One a~corn can be shared with the whole family ☆

Entry #5 - Gaaga Tribe Cannot Swim but Float Swiftly

Entry #5

The Gaaga Tribe lives in Peanuts Lake in the Drop Kingdom. They look similar to ducks, but they cannot swim at all ☆ But they float swiftly on top of water.

1) Be it adult or child; Gaaga Tribe wear a bow tie ☆

2) Bow ties would help them in case they’re out of air.

3) Clothes that comes with a straw pump

4) Make it grow big and transform it into a life buoy!

So glad they did not sink ♡

Entry #6 - Sukusuku Tribe ☆ the Scent Orb is so Convenient

Entry #6

Sukusuku Tribe’s homes are located by the Sinking Swamp in the Drop Kingdom. The striped roofs are so cute ♡

In the bottom of Sinking Swamp, there lives a ve~ry huge frog named “Geronita”. I'll talk about Geronita next time, but she is such a difficult one.

They will give Scent Orb as a present to girls they like! It makes our hearts flutter! ♡♡♡

Sukusuku Tribe always carry a Scent Orb around their bodies ☆

1. Put inside mouth and swallow it

2. Let out vigorously through butt

There are many types of Scent Orbs.

When it is used to protect themselves from enemies, it will release a smelly and detestable smell ♡

When they want to express feeling of affection, it will release a lovely bittersweet smell ♡

Sinking grass from the Sinking Swamp + squeezed apple juice → smelly Scent Orb

Heart Flower + squeezed lemon juice → sweet Scent Orb

Entry #7 - A Kind Sister Princess Milro

Entry #7

(Speech Bubble: : Milro is very good at painting!)

Milro of the Drop Kingdom is a very kind sister. She helps the busy queen by looking after her little brother Nalro* She says it's a lot of fun to do things like changing his diapers and giving him milk! Nalro also loves being together with Milro

Milro loves to make picture books! By attaching a story to the pictures that she drew herself, she reads to Nalro before his midday nap* Wow! Now we want a cute little brother of our own! I'm sure that Milro will become a wonderful mother!

Entry #8 - Geronita of the Sinking Swamp

Entry #8

Geronita loves to sing! Her number one song is the "Gerogero Song" she made herself. By singing in an incredibly loud, hoarse voice all day, she's a big nuisance!

Even when scolded by Queen Yamul to sing in a slightly softer voice, she didn't listen at all! As a result, the queen got angry and imprisoned Geronita in a den at the bottom of the Sinking Swamp.

Right now inside that den, she appears to be scheming to create the Geronita Kingdom.

Entry #9 - Munjala Tribe from ☆ the Munjala Village

Entry #9

Munjala Tribe lives on top of the Snow Mountain in Waterdrop Kingdom ☆ It’s a ve~ry cold place that snows throughout the year.

The homes of the Munjala Tribe are made of ice! Apparently, they were made by cutting out ice on a lake at the top of the mountain and stacked together like bricks ☆ They remove ice from the lake and carry them.

Munjala Tribe lives by the lake. They live off fishing an ancient “UmaUma Fish” ☆

Fish dealers in the Drop Kingdom carry “UmaUma Fish” to trade it with Moomon’s Milk” ☆

Entry #10 - Milro's Ocean Blue Dress

Entry #10

Milro loves Artney-sensei, who taught her about painting. For Valentine's Day, Milro had a dress tailored that would go well with the emerald brooch she got from him for her birthday! I wonder if Sensei will notice the emerald on her bosom.

Ah,  Milro's heart races when Sensei's gentle face is right next to her!