Toulouse "Truth"
Kingdom: Sunny Kingdom
Gender: Male
Love Interest(s): Elsa
Notable Relatives: Elsa (Wife)
Fine (Daughter)
Rein (Daughter)
Occupation(s): King
Series: Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
Voiced By: Wataru Hatano
Truth (トゥルース; Turusu) is the king of Sunny Kingdom and Fine and Rein's father.


Truth has short, dark, blue hair and gold eyes. He wears a blue and white mantle with gold and white clothes.


Young Truth elsa

Young Truth and Elsa

In the anime he is portrayed as a very caring father, a good and fair king. Like his wife, he's been worried about his daughters constantly leaving the kingdom mysteriously but he's always been kind with them and believed they weren't doing anything wrong. He can be quite bashful at times specially when talking about his relationship with Elsa before they were married.


  • Truth only shows up in two chapters of the manga, one of the chapters only briefly.
  • In the original concept, Truth had sea-green eyes like Rein. However, in the anime they gave him gold eyes.
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