Tio's Outfit
Kingdom: Flame Kingdom
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Notable Relatives: Wohl (Father)

Nina (Mother)
Lione (Sister)

Occupation(s): Prince
Series: Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
Tio (ティオ, Tio) is the prince of the Flame Kingdom and Lione's brother. He likes to play with his katana (saber). Tio often makes appearances to rescue Fine and Rein from trouble. However, he has succeeded very few times in doing so. He sees Shade as his hero and begged to be his disciple.


Tio resembles his father Wohl superficially, with his lion-like ears and tail, light blond hair and reddish-orange eyes. He also has a tail, that twitches when he is happy (as shown when he was thinking of the Mera-Mera Samba, and when Shade praised him for the first time). He usually wears his white, red and pink Prince's outfit, and carries a saber in his belt.

When he became Shade's disciple, he wore a pink and white shirt with a yellow tie, a blue and white jacket and red trousers with white shoes, an outfit that bears a close resemablance to Shade's Eclipse outfit.



Tio is kind-hearted, loyal and brave. However, he is also extremely clumsy. He swore an oath of loyalty to Fine and Rein (for helping Lione), and has made many appearances to aid them in times of crisis since then. However, he has succeeded in doing so very few times. He holds the twin princesses in high regard, even asking Fine to be his dance partner during the final Princess Party, although he ultimately ended up with Sophie (Fine had way too much energy).

He values his family's honour and was triggered when Bright, under the power of darkness, lured the crowd away during the Mera-Mera Samba. In fact, he was so triggered that he rushed straight to Bright, only to be hypnotized by the music, then saved by Shade.

At first, like everybody else, Tio believed that Eclipse was a villain, even attempting to chase after him with his saber (only to make a fool out of himself). Later, when Eclipse stopped an unruly, rampaging horse from crashing into a wall with Tio, the twin princesses and Altezza onboard, did Tio recognize him as "a great person". He believed that he could become more capable and reliable by becoming Shade's disciple, and persistently begged and begged until Shade finally agreed. He was overjoyed the first time Shade praised him and jumped onto Shade to hug him.

Abilities & Talents

Tio is well known throughout the Flame Kingdom for his terrific sword dancing. He appears to be capable of wielding a saber quite well, and is a talented digger, able to dig through even the hardest materials.


  • In the original concept, Tio was taller than he is in the anime.


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