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"Whenever we were in trouble, you two always helped us out. It's our turn, let us help you guys!"
The 11 Seed Princesses and Solo to Fine and Rein in "The Final Prominence ☆ Princesses Don't Give Up"
The 11 Seed Princesses
The 11 Seed Princesses' Outfits
Kingdom: Seed Kingdom
Gender: Female
Notable Relatives: The King (Father)
Flower (Mother)
Solo (Brother)
Occupation(s): Princess
Series: Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
First Appearance: Episode 1

The 11 Seed Princesses (タネタネプリンセス; Tanetane Purinsesu) are characters of Fushgiboshi no Futagohime and the identical princesses of the Seed Kingdom. Their names are Ichele, Nina, Saya, Shiyon, Gorchel, Loloa, Nursya, Harney, Quarry, Julia, and Joiner. Their names are subtly related to the Japanese numbers from one to eleven.


The 11 Seed Princesses are very tiny sized girls, all with short, coloured hair. They all wear a white and green princess outfit with a leaf-like cape on them. 




Solo: Prince Solo is the eleven seed princesses' younger brother. They all care very much for him. In the original concept, they all loved to dote on him and care for him to the point where Solo says he considers them to be more like mother figures than sisters.

Fine & Rein:



  • In the original concept, each sister had a unique hair color, unlike in the anime where only three are given unique hair colors.