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Seed Kingdom

The Seed Kingdom is one of the kingdoms of Wonder Planet in Fushigiboshi no Futagohime. Its symbol is a green leaf/seed.


The Seed Kingdom is responsible for creating all kinds of seeds for the entire planet. The mother tree has the incredible power to create seeds of all kinds, depending on the season.

The whole kingdom is very small. The average height of its inhabitants is about 10 cm.


Flower: Queen of the Seed Kingdom.

Seed King: The otherwise unnamed king of the Seed Kingdom.

11 Seed Princesses: Princesses of the Seed Kingdom.

Solo: Prince of the Seed Kingdom.

Coco: The second prince of the Seed Kingdom. He only appears in the concept.

The Mother Tree

The Mother Tree is the magical giant tree who habits at the center of the Seed Kingdom. It is able to create seeds of all kinds, depending on the actual season. The tree can also casts magic, and curses to anyone with bad conduct, just like with Fine.

Concept Entries

Entry 4 translated by Yamato-san

All other entries translated by currytantou

Entry #1 - Seed Kingdom, a Land Rich in Greens

Entry #1

In the middle of Seed Kingdom, there is a very ve~ry big tree called the “Mother Tree”.

It’s a strange tree that is referred to as “the mother of all plants”. The tree can ripe up many kinds of seeds at once ☆

Once the seeds ripe up, they would fly up the sky at re~ally fast speed. The wind from Windmill Kingdom carries the seeds throughout Wonder Planet ♡

(Speech bubble: I will cover “King’s Chamber” in the next report ♡)

“King’s Chamber” is located on top of Mother Tree where they can invite guests from many kingdoms ☆

For us, the chamber may look small but we bet it’s a ve~ry huge chamber for people of the Seed Kingdom...

Because people of Seed Kingdom are so tiny ♡

(Speech Bubble: People of “Seeds Tribe” reach the height of around 10cm ♡)

Entry #2 - Report Published for the First Time!! The King’s Chamber

Entry #2

We were summoned by the king of Seed Kingdom named “King” ☆

Continuing from entry #1, this is the report about “The King’s Chamber” ☆

Top Left: Where research on new plants are conducted ☆ King waters the tree every morning ☆

Top Right: “Butterfly Corps” are people of Seed Kingdom who would bring its people to any place ☆

Middle Right: “Mozomozo” will carry people who want to commute underground ☆ They move faster if you grab on their antenna ☆

Bottom Right: Seed Kingdom’s reception room ☆ Looks like a cafe ☆

Bottom Middle: Chair used by people other than Seed Kingdom’s people ☆ Made up by gouging out the inner part of Uriuri fruit ☆

Entry #3 - King of Seed Kingdom: King

Entry #3

The king of Seed Kingdom: King is someone from the Seeds Tribe ☆

People of Seeds Tribe speak at a very ve~ry fast pace. They speak too fast that we cannot understand them ☆

So they would write on the ground when we’re talking to them. That too, in a very fast speed ☆

(Fine's Speech Bubble: Apparently, the King’s height reaches only until below his crown.)

(King’s speech bubble: I am tall, right?)

Entry #4 - I Love the Prince! Seed Princesses

Entry #4

The Princesses of the Seed Kingdom can't help finding their little brother, "Solo", to be adorable.

From the time Solo was a baby, they fed him milk and changed his diapers, it seems they like to look after him. <3

That's why, more than sisters, he's grown to feel like they're his mothers.

We'd like to have a little brother too... <3

Nina (ニーナ Niina) Aqua Hair: She likes cooking. But there are times when it's delicious and times when it's disgusting.

Joiner (ジョイナー Joinaa) Dark Blue Hair: Specializes in exercise and likes to move her body!! This is why she's always gets first place in a footrace.☆

Shiyon (シヨン Shiyon) Purple Hair: The carefree Shiyon likes taking naps.☆ She finds it fun to slowly "squirm about" her feet as she walks.

Gorchel (ゴーチェル Goucheru) Bright Pink Hair: She really, really likes to chat.☆ From the next line to the one after that, she's constantly speaking.☆

Loloa (ロロア Roroa) Pale Pink Hair: Loloa, who likes fashion the most, also loves looking in the mirror.☆ Her favorite accessories are the ones Saya made for her.☆

Ichele (イシェル Isheru) Royal Blue Hair: Amongst the siblings, she's the most reliable.☆ But there are also times when she gets a little fed up with her sisters...

Quarry (キュアリー Kyuarii) Bright Green Hair: Quarry, who only smiles, is always thinking of interesting things. ☆

Harney (ハーニィ Haany) Blonde Hair: She's impatient and short-tempered.☆ She tends to verbally quarrel with Nursya.☆

Julia (ジュリア Juria) Mint Green Hair: She specializes in talking to butterflies and insects. It seems like she wants to become a scholar when she grows up.☆

Nursya (ナーシャ Naasha) Red Hair: She resembles King in being veeeery hasty. She's bad when it comes to being patient.☆

Saya (サーヤ Saaya) Dark Purple Hair: She's very handy with her fingers.☆ She'll make accessories and bags using nuts and leaves.☆

Solo: The youngest brother and the only prince.☆ He's treasured by everyone.☆

Entry #5 - Shy Prince ☆ Solo

Entry #5

The prince of Seed Kingdom “Solo” is a shy boy ☆

He would hide behind Ichele and the rest when saying greeting the guests at parties ☆

That shy boy Solo looks totally different when he plays the violin ☆ Solo is sooo good at playing violin ☆ The sound he makes is so beautiful, gentle and spell-bounding.

I almost fell asle- I mean, it makes me feel calm ☆

Solo looks so confident and cool when he’s playing violin ♡

Entry #6 - Mormo Tribe who Work with Joy

Entry #6

The Mormo Tribe who live in Seed Kingdom are hard workers. They cultivate fields and grow many kinds of vegetables.

They use “Mormo Scoop” that works 10 times faster than hands. Mormo boys wish they can be as good as their fathers at using the scoop ☆

(Speech Bubble: I want to be capable soon!)

It is a woman’s task to do the cleaning. They would spread the laundry all over the stream, add soap and would step on the clothes.

They go back and forth together while singing “The Laundry Song”. Seems fun ☆

When building houses, people of the Mormo Tribe, would make one out by sowing a vegetable seed called “Veggie-house” in the ground. When they do that, the seed would gradually grow bigger and look like a house!!

Entry #7 - Aim for 100 siblings?! ☆ Queen Flower

Entry #7

Queen Flower has delivered her 13th baby! His name is Prince Coco.

Since he is their second son, King the king is overjoyed!

Queen Flower is a veteran at child raising. She immediately knows what to do by just looking at a baby’s face! That’s why she can prepare delicious milk right away whenever Prince Coco’s hungry ☆

(Speech Bubble : Let me feed him milk too ~ ♡)

The Butterfly Corps help take care of Prince Coco too.

The lullaby sung by Madam Maripossa from the Butterfly Corps is so calming that it makes one fall asleep!

Entry #8 - Gontz Tribe from the Gontz Village

Entry #8

Gontz Tribe’s bodies are made from rocks ☆ They have a kind and friendly personality! Besides, all of them are ve~ry shy ☆

They are good at creating items by sharpening rocks. There are so many sculptures in interesting shapes in Gontz Village ☆

Homes of Gontz Tribe are made by excavating mountains ☆ The furniture that were made laboriously by hand feel so warm ☆