The Princess Parties were held to determine who the Best Princess was in certain areas of expertise in the anime. They were set up prior to the anime's beginning.
Number Episode Location Area Winner
1 1 Sunny Kingdom Dance Lione
2 5 Flame Kingdom Accessory 11 Princesses
3 10 Jewelry Kingdom Food Milky
4 17 Seed Kingdom Sports Mirlo
5 25 Moon Kingdom Floral arrangement Sophie
6 36 Waterdrop Kingdom Art (None)
7 45 Windmill Kingdom Dance Altezza

In the manga, the Princess Parties began because Mirlo wanted to decide who was the best princess in the entire Wonder Planet.

Number Chapter Location Area Winner
1 3 Sunny Kingdom Beauty All, but Fine, Rein, and Mirlo
2 5 Flame Kingdom Cooking Milky
3 7 Seed Kingdom Sports Lione
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