Prince Edward is a character from the second season and acts as the main antagonist until the middle of the second season. He is the lover of Princess Swan.


Edward has gray-blue hair and green eyes. His prince attire consists of a white suit, white coat with gold accents, and white cape. He wears a cravat with an emerald brooch. His crown has three gems, two green ones and a red one in the middle.

When he is transformed by Princess Bibin, Edward takes the form of a purple and pink pig-rabbit hybrid. In this form he still wears a crown. 


While possessed by the Black Crystal King, Edward is manipulative and cruel. He would go so far as to use Thomas's trauma to have him do his bidding. 

Before being possessed it is implied that Edward was a very kind prince who wanted others to be happy. 


Prince Edward was manipulated by the Black Crystal King. The King convinced him that this would be the only way to be reunited with Princess Swan, his past love.