Poomo was the loyal servant to Princess Grace and later becomes the loyal servant of Fine and Rein. He is a Poomo fairy.



He is colored white with purple eyes, big ears, a long tail with an orb on the end, a little tuft of blond hair showing on his forehead from under his hat and pink cheeks. He wears a purple bow tie, 2 blue star shaped earrings and a pointy, blue hat with an orange sun on the top with a magenta jewel in the middle with gold decorations.

Initially, he was introduced as a 'pet' of the princesses.


Poomo is kind, loyal and serious. He is somewhat long suffering of the twins, often having to say things twice to them and rolling his eyes when their immaturity runs away with them. He went on personal training in one episode because he felt the twins needed somebody more reliable than he was at the time, but ended up bringing the twins together again because of the predicament he got himself into. As the series progressed, he began to have more and more faith in the twins' abilities, especially when they reached a Princess level he had never seen before. 


On several occasions he put himself in harms way to protect the princesses, and in the final episode he was willing to die for them both, stating that both the twins made him happy, although he ultimately did not perish, much to Fine and Rein's relief.

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