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Moon Kingdom

The Moon Kingdom is a kingdom of Wonder Planet in Fushigiboshi no Futagohime.


The Moon Kingdom controls the night and the Star Spring, a portal to space. Its symbol is a yellow moon.


Moon Malia: Queen of the Moon Kingdom.

Shade: Prince of the Moon Kingdom.

Milky: Princess of the Moon Kingdom.

Roman: The former Minister of the Moon Kingdom.

Queen Scorpion: A giant scorpion living in the Moon Kingdom's desert.


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Star Spring: In the anime, there is a star-shaped hole where you can see the stars from outer space in the Moon Kingdom that they call the Star Spring. According to legend, if someone says the name of the person you love three times, stars may appear in the spring. The more stars that appear, the more likely their love will be rewarded. In the concept site, you can also see constellations seasonally through it.

Concept Entries

Translations by poppun-chan

Entry #1 - Night Inside the Planet? The Moon Kingdom

Entry #1

The Wonder Planet has night.

That we have night inside of a planet is rather curious! ☆

The Moon Kingdom is the land that protects that night.

Riding on Star Blimps they patrol the night sky for all of us.

The Wonder Planet’s Moon also flies around the Moon Kingdom! ♥

Near the Moon Kingdom there’s a veeery big hole that connects us to outer space. ☆

It’s called “The Spring of Stars”, through that hole you can see lots of constellations seasonally! ♥

(Speech bubble: In the Moon Kingdom there lives a cute, rabbit-like people called the “Rabi Clan”!)

Entry #2 - He's so Sweet to Milky, the Prince

Shade of the Moon Kingdom is a prince with a “cool” feeling.

Entry #2

We’ve both seen it.

But that same Shade is a kind, sweeet~ big brother around his little sister Princess Milky.

(For some reason he’s a little cold towards us)

Though Milky seems like a baby genius, she still can’t talk yet, but Shade can understand what Milky wants to say.

Entry #3 - People of the Night☆the Rabi Clan

Entry #3

Even in the Moon Kingdom there's lots of different types of people.

It's inside the planet, but the people of the Rabi Clan ride in star-shaped blimps and do the important job of protecting the night of the Wonder Planet. ☆

The Wonder Planet has a really big hole called the "Star Spring" that leads to outer space, however we don't know if something dangerous could come flying through it...

That we can sleep safely at night is all thanks to the Rabi Clan's work! ☆

From the outside Rabi Clan houses look like tiny moons! ☆

The people of the Rabi Clan decorate their houses with gems. ☆

(Speech bubble: Various Rabi Clans - Crater Rabi Clan, Half-Moon Rabi Clan, Mini Rabi Clan)

Entry #4 - The Moon Kingdom's Princess☆Milky

Entry #4

The Moon Kingdom's Princess Milky is clever enough to make you forget she's a baby. ☆

She can greet people properly, has good manners, and is a true lady. ☆

However, since she is a baby after all she gets sleepy right away.

Because Milky has her own personal cradle, even if she gets sleepy in the middle of a party it's alright. ☆

(Speech bubble: Babu! Babu!)

Entry #5 - The Kind Queen☆Moon Maria

Entry #5

Queen Moon Maria can be a little intimidating standing up close, but she's a kind ruler who is always wishing for the happiness of the people of the Wonder Planet. ☆

A crescent moon-shaped crown is worn for special ceremonies! ☆

Queen Moon Maria always wears a wonderful moon-shaped pendant that she treasures dearly! ☆

Inside are photographs of Shade and Milky, gazing at both their smiling faces always puts her heart at ease!

Entry #6 - Prince Shade and the Desart Lizard

Shade is riding on lizardback to visit countries all over the Wonder Planet! ☆

Entry #6

"It would be wrong for me to become King of the Moon Kingdom without knowing all about the Wonder Planet" he says ☆

Desart Lizards can run at a speed of 50 km an hour for 5 hours without resting!

Maneuvering a Desart Lizard is really tough! But Shade is able to spend half a day riding on one! Amazing~! ☆

When Shade was 5, he saved a member of the Desart Clan being attacked by a viscious Pakurin, so they gave him a Desart Lizard to thank him! ☆