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"You two have given me courage. The courage to speak up, the courage to move forward. Now I must be brave too!"
Mirlo to Fine and Rein in "The Final Prominence ☆ Princesses Don't Give Up"
Mirlo's Outfits
Kingdom: Waterdrop Kingdom
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Love Interest(s): Pastel
Notable Relatives: Pump (Father)
Yamul (Mother)
Narlo (Brother)
Occupation(s): Princess
Series: Fushigiboshi no Futagohime
First Appearance: Episode 1
Voiced By: Sachi Sukigara

Mirlo (ミルロ; Miruro) is a secondary character of Fushgiboshi no Futagohime. She is the princess of the Waterdrop Kingdom and her younger brother is a baby named Narlo. She is an aspiring artist but is afraid to speak up to her mother who is very strict with her.


Mirlo has short, light brown hair and round, purple eyes. She inherits her mother's cream-colored bear ears. Due to her age, she is taller than the other princesses of the Mysterious Star. Mirlo, as a princess of the Waterdrop Kingdom, wears light blue clothing. Unlike Fine and Rein, Mirlo regularly wears her princess outfit which includes a blue hat and a white tiara studded with a bright red gem. She wears a dress with the top part being light blue and the skirt being white with light blue frills at the end. The dress has many water-drop patterns on it and a red gem decorated onto it.


In the anime, Mirlo is very shy and is kind to her friends. She is especially kind to her kingdom and is willing to do anything to help the citizens and kingdom, even if she doesn't want to. Her mother is very strict which isn't good for Mirlo who has trouble speaking up for herself. When Mirlo was a child, she is also shown to be childish and often dirties her dress, but her mother forbade her from behaving that way. Mirlo loves to paint and is an aspiring artist. She often paints what her mother tells her to paint, but Fine and Rein encouraged her to paint whatever she likes.

In the manga, Mirlo is shown to be more spoiled. She's more arrogant and believes herself to be the most beautiful princess in the Wonder Planet.



  • Mirlo's voice actor, Sachi Sukigara, has not voiced any other characters which mean Mirlo has her own unique voice.
  • In the manga, Mirlo uses something called the Drop Wand. It gives her the power to freeze things.
  • In the manga, Mirlo is the only princess to never win a Princess Party.

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