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Jewelry Kingdom

The Jewelry Kingdom is a kingdom of Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu!. It is known for invention and technology.


It supports the industry of the whole planet. The kingdom is very rich in gemstones because of the mine behind the castle. They decorated the entire kingdom with jewels because of this.


Aaron: King of the Jewelry Kingdom.

Camelia: Queen of the Jewelry Kingdom.

Altezza: Princess of the Jewelry Kingdom.

Bright: Prince of the Jewelry Kingdom.


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Concept Entries

Entry #1 - The Wonder Planet’s Inventor? The Jewelry Kingdom

Entry #1

Jewelry Kingdom creates any items requested by all kingdoms ☆

They can also create a ve~ry marvelous item that can convert the mysterious light from Sunny Kingdom called “The Blessing of the Sun” ♡

(Rein's Speech Bubble: The fact that we can live well is also thanks to the Jewelry Kingdom ☆)

They have a very huge factory and create many items there ♡

“Machinery people” do difficult works that common people cannot do inside the factory ☆

Entry #2 - Everyone’s Aspiration ♡ Prince Bright

Entry #2

Prince Bright of the Jewelry Kingdom is admired by many girls, and everyone wishes to dance with him during dance party.♡

But Altezza would not let anyone else but herself to dance with him ☆ I’m sure it is because she refused to have her older brother taken away from her.

Bright who is good at dancing would kindly lead even clumsy girls like us ♡ That lovely side of him seems to appeal hearts of girls which makes him popular among them ☆

Entry #3 - Chucchu Tribe? Always Questioning?

Chucchu Tribe who lives in Jewelry Kingdom always speak with doubt

They always speak with heads tilted to one side ☆

Entry #3

(Speech Bubbles, Left to Right:





Since they talk in question form no matter what topic, sometimes, we don’t understand what they are saying.

Chucchu Tribe is made of huge family:

Gakinchuu - refers to child

Niichuu - refers to elder brother

Kaachuu - refers to mama

Touchuu - refers to papa

Jiichuu - refers to grandpa

Chucchu Tribe turn any kinds of food into juice and would eat with their families ☆ They eat using straw!!

(Fine's Speech Bubble: They live near “Question Mark Maze” in Jewelry Kingdom ☆)

Entry #4 - Jewelry Lover ♡ Queen Camellia

Entry #4

The queen of Jewelry Kingdom, Camellia loves jewelry sooo much ☆

Among all, her most favorite jewelry is the very huge one placed on her head ☆

Apparently, people of the castle who serve Queen Camellia makes sure to polish her jewelries until they sparkle every morning ☆ Seems like she is looking forward to dress up and go to dance party with Princess Altezza ☆

King Aaron, who is respected by Bright and Altezza; is someone who loves to create and often goes to the factory.

Queen Camellia is a little dissatisfied since he barely joins parties ☆

Entry #5 - The Most Luxurious!? Jewelry Carriage

Entry #5

The carriage used by the people of Jewelry Kingdom to go out is amazing ☆ Decorated with a lot of jewelries and sparkles so bright ☆

It appears that Princess Altezza, who loves to be flashy, wants the carriage to be more and more flashy!! ☆

Members of the Touri Tribe are the people who drive the carriage ☆ They sit in the driver seat that takes the shape of a horse and move the carriage ☆

(Fine and Rein's Speech Bubble: I want to get on it too ♡)

Entry #6 - The Booboo Tribe Works Hard and Have Many Children

Entry #6

Booboo Tribe who lives in Jewelry Kingdom works at the mines ☆ They dig va~rious minerals earnestly with the “Excavation Robot” ☆

(Left Speech Bubble: Let’s do our best, today too, boo!)

(Mother and Kid's Speech Bubbles, Left to Right:

Is everyone here, boo?

All here boo!


Boo boo)

Mother and children would wear the same pants and move anywhere together ♡ This way, they won’t lose their way.

Newborn babies have “Booboo Purl” embedded around their navels ☆ Booboo Purl’s condition can be seen depending on its color ☆

(Bottom Right Speech Bubble: Purple means constipation, boo...)

Entry #7 - Princess Altezza ☆ Loves to Stand Out

Entry #7

Princess of Jewelry Kingdom, Altezza lo~ves jewelries ☆ She said that she wants to stand out gaudily, brilliantly and gorgeously more than anyone ☆

Even though she is selfish and cheeky, somehow she is someone you cannot hate ♡

Rainbow Dress: A dress made from peacock’s feathers. When it hits the light, the dress shines in 7 colors ☆

(Altezza’s Speech Bubble: The best princess of Wonder Planet is me!)

Despite that, for some reasons, Altezza acts obedient in front of Prince Bright ☆

But she would scarily glare at anyone who wants to dance with Prince Bright at the dance party! Set Prince Bright free~! Please!

(Rein’s Speech Bubble: I want to get along with Altezza ♪)

Entry #8 - Pokopo Tribe’s Marriage Ceremony

Entry #8

Pokopo Tribe who lives in the Mushroom Hill are the people who treasures their families so much ☆

Married men of Pokopo Tribe will receive “Master Drum” from the tribe leader.

(Fine’s Speech Bubble: “Master Drum” is hand-made by the tribe leader!)

Fathers of Pokopo Tribe hit the “Master Drum” to call their family members or to contact their comrades.

Tribe leader. Pokopo Tribe’s most important person. He has the biggest Master Drum ☆

Drumstick made from mushrooms picked at Mushroom Hill.

Entry #9 - Reliable Prince ☆ Bright

Entry #9

Prince Bright is the kind of person who would rush right away to solve fights and incidents in the kingdoms ☆ That’s why people of Jewelry Kingdom put huge trust on Prince Bright ☆

The sight of him leaning on Ruby the First and quickly rushing through is amazingly lovely!

Ruby the First was the birthday present for Prince Bright’s 10th birthday.

They have been best friends since then ☆