Fushigiboshi no☆Futagohime Princess Collection☆Fine (ふしぎ星の☆ふたご姫 プリンセスコレクション☆ファイン) is an album for Fushigiboshi no Futagohime released August 03, 2005 [1], this album also had a limited edition which came with a miniature figure of Fine and along with a keychain that holds the emblem of the Moon Kingdom.[2]

Track # Title Length
01 Okashi na Okashi na Princess


02 Pumo-Pumo March de Pumo!


03 San San Sanba~Fine Version★


04 Okashi na Okashi na Princess (Original Karaoke)

(おかしなお菓子なプリンセス (オリジナルカラオケ))

05 Pumo-Pumo March de Pumo! (Original Karaoke)

(プモプモマーチでプモ! (オリジナルカラオケ))

06 San San Sanba~Fine Version★ (Original Karaoke)

(サンサンサンバ~ファインばーじょん★ (オリジナルカラオケ))

07 Omake Mini Talk



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