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Kingdom: Planet Gretel
Gender: Male
Age: 11-12
Love Interest(s): Rein (formerly)


Occupation(s): Prince
Series: Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu!

Fango is a character of Fushigiboshi no Futagohime Gyu!. He is the prince of Planet Gretel. At first, he had a crush on Rein (which made Bright, Shade, and King Truth anxious) but later he returned Elizabetta's affections after she gave him chocolates in episode 45 of the second season.

He has a younger brother named Fingo.


Fango has tanned skin, brown hair and dark purple eyes, which are always narrowed in a suspicious glare. He is extremely short for his age. His school uniform looks a lot like Shade's - a navy shirt with a gray coat and long white pants. However, unlike Shade, Fango wears his uniform with the jacket unbuttoned and his sleeves rolled up. He usually sticks his hands in his pockets.


Most of the students at the Royal Wonder Academy avoid him at all costs, as he is known for being a cold and rude person. Later it is shown that he is quite impulsive. He hides his feelings most of the time, and up to the point when he befriended Fine and Rein, no one really understood him. In truth, he is extremely kind-hearted. He is good at martial arts.


Princess Rein: Rein was the first one to approach Fango even after hearing that he's violent and being told that she should steer clear of him. He began to develop a crush on Rein after she called him a "good person" in the second season's fifth episode. He took on Shade's original role of saving Rein whenever she was in danger. However, by the forty-fifth episode of the second season, his feelings would shift to Elizabetta.