We Can’t Return to the Castle! ☆ Dig Here-rabirabi
" Season 1, Episode 7 "

Episode 7 Overall


Air date May 14, 2005
Princess wa Akiramenai
Oshare Fantasy
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We Can’t Return to the Castle! ☆ Dig Here-rabirabi is the seventh episode of the Fushigiboshi no Futagohime anime series.


The princesses luches need to charge and the "telepoomotion" will only take poomo, so the princesses stay the night at the moon castle. They hear about the star spring in the Moon Kingdom. Fine and Rein decide to go to it the next day(without poomo knowing) the twins are lended a sand boat as they get to the spring they crash (as they usually do) into a tower. Rabbits were watching over the spring from the tower.when the princesses crash the tower falls to the ground. the princesses have to dig to make up for that. the rabbit's oasis was dried up so they were trying to find water underground by digging.the rabbits where being pestered by scorpions and Rein and Fine use prominence to stop the scorpions from attacking . Suddenly water came out of the ground giving them water.

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