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Sweetest Smiles ☆ Twin Princesses
" Season 1, Episode 1 "

Episode 1 Overall


Air date April 2, 2005
Princess wa Akiramenai
Oshare Fantasy
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Flame Kingdom ☆ Prominence on Empty Stomachs

Sweetest Smiles ☆ Twin Princesses is the 1st episode of the Fushigiboshi no Futagohime anime series.


Princesses Fine and Rein are the princesses of the Sunny Kingdom. A Best Princess Dance Party is held within the kingdom and princesses from all seven countries come. Prince Bright of the Jewelry Kingdom is also introduced, along with The Flame Princess, Lione. The twins meet Princess Grace, the princess who passed saving the seven countries from the darkness. They also learn how to use the Prominence.


At the Sunny Kingdom, the preparations for the upcoming Princess Party are underway. Camelot and the servants of the castle are searching for the twin princesses Fine and Rein, until Camelot finds them right on the roof, watching the arriving hot air balloons from all the kingdoms of Wonder Planet in their kingdom.

A girl escapes from her ballon, revealing to be the princess of Flame Kingdom Lione. As Fine and Rein run out into the outside, they end up crashing into a bush. After introducing themselves, Lione says that she is timid of dancing because she doesn't want to bump over her partners and getting humiliated in front of the crowd. But Fine and Rein reassure her that it will not happen. 

It's time to go to the party, so Fine and Rein get to the elevator, but they are instead brought into a strange place, which it reveals to be the Blessing of the Sun. The twins find Princess Grace, the former princess of the Sunny Kingdom who saved the planet a long time ago. Grace tells them that the floating sun's light is losing power, and they have the secret mission of restoring the blessing's light on time to save the planet. She also sends her servant Poomo, a fairy, to guide them along with the power of Prominence, which it will help them during their mission.

Later, the princess party starts with Bright, the prince of the Jewelry kingdom, dancing with all the princesses of the planet. Rein dances with Bright while Fine wants to eat sweets. The light abruptly goes out when it is Lione's turn to dance. However, thanks to Fine and Rein using Prominence to shine a spotlight on Lione. Lione can dance with Bright, ending up winning the princess party as the best smiling princess.

After the princess party ends, Fine and Rein are in their room, when Camelot bursts in and has the twins involved in a very strict lesson session to become well-educated princesses. The twins run away as Poomo doubts if they can really save the Wonder Planet.  


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  • Lione dances with Bright and wins the first princess party as "best smiling princess".
  • Fine and Rein are tasked with the secret mission of saving the Blessing of Sun by Princess Grace.
  • Fine and Rein meet Lione, Bright, and Grace for the first time.
  • Fine and Rein use Prominence for the first time. They also help Lione for the first time.