See also: Shade.

Eclipse is a mysterious teenage boy who spies on the twin princesses everywhere they go. His face is obscured by his large cowboy hat, thus concealing his identity.



According to Rein, Eclipse is a "savage, rude, bad-mouthed, self-important, brutal, cold and heartless guy", although he has shown occasional acts of kindness, such as saving Fine from the soldier scorpion. He can be quite hostile and even violent at times. He is also extremely stoic - his feelings can never be seen through observing his face alone.


Eclipse is a skilled fighter. His primary weapon is a whip, which he uses not only to fight, but to steal things or pull things towards him as well. He is very athletic - capable of jumping off buildings or scaling cliffs without much harm. He can ride horses (and other animals) extremely well - his main method of transportation is his pet dragon, Regina.

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